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Camera Confident for Video Marketing

Being camera confident for video marketing is easy when you know how.

Being camera confident is a skill that can be learned, would you like to stop being afraid of speaking on camera for video marketing?

  • Do you find yourself losing time, scrolling social media video comparing yourself thinking people in your niche are more camera confident than you?
  • Are you avoiding using video as a marketing tool on social media and your website
  • Do you wish there was a secret to being camera confident

Take a breath.

Everyone starts somewhere and everyone makes mistakes when it comes to being camera confident and embracing video as part of your marketing strategy.

“It is only by doing we can succeed and learn how to be camera confident. “

~ Kirsty van den Bulk
My clients choose to work with me because

I worked for years in sales, running channel communications, and learning what worked when presenting to the room and on camera.

I trained and worked as an actor, my coaching is underpinned by Stanislavski and Meyerhold. I was thrown in the deep end and had to swim as a presenter when I worked in events.

I have worked as make-up artist for Mac and Bobby Brown.
All the above has helped shape me to be useful on set, I will jump from make-up artist to camera coach whilst supporting you the presenter to come across naturally removing jargon replacing it with a language that resonates with the audience.

Why you would choose to work with me
  • You want to be camera confident
  • You have been avoiding using video
  • You have been creating video for the sake of posting a video on their website and social media
  • You have booked the video production company when it came to presenting your nerves kicked in and you are not happy with the result
  • You have burnt money on a video campaign that has not returned on its investment

“Camera Confident is not the same as public speaking confidence.”

~ Kirsty van den Bulk

Recently I was asked how I help you, up until a few weeks ago I would have said I help you to public speak on camera. Sounds good, except it is not exactly what I do, it is part of how I help you speak with confidence.

There is marketing strategy behind what I do

I work with you to ensure you are always confident in what you say, setting boundaries to avoid the overshare that can happen in a livestream interview or when your angry or annoyed on social media.

Camera Confident speaking on video
I am the link between your company and the video production house ensuring your video contains your key messages delivered in a way that represent the brand. The bonus, I get your company representative confident to speak on camera.

I am the person who will support you to speak your brand messages creatively and effectively on camera.
I am the voice in your head that will say, smile, breathe, energy and, are you sure you want to say that? Hmm? Perhaps we can try?

I bring your marketing, social media, and sales departments together, creating a holistic approach where everyone is on the same page and working to the same end goal.

For the small business owner, I will get you confident on camera, empowered to create self-tape videos for social media, demystify the technology required, empowering you with a formula that you can fall back on when you are lost for words.

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