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Online Training: Rock Your Online Presence

KVDB online courses enhance your skills your way.

Are you searching for self-paced mini-courses to help you improve your social selling game, marketing content creation, and on-camera presenting skills?

Look no further! These mini-courses are designed to support business owners, content creators, and marketing teams in honing their skills and achieving success.

These courses teach you how to create compelling marketing content that resonates with your audience and converts them. You’ll learn how to promote your business online without being pushy and gain confidence in front of the camera to exude poise and self-assurance.

Invest in yourself and your future today.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together and see how far we can go!

Training Outcomes

  • Master communication techniques
  • Identify your key messages and learn how to use them
  • Understand how to connect with and speak to your audience
  • Know why people buy from you
  • Confidently sell without pushy sales techniques
  • Streamline your content to make it more effective
  • Create a positive viewing space for your audience
  • Creating a positive viewing space
  • Improve your technical set-up

By following these steps, you can ‘Rock Your Online Presence’.

Portrait of a smiling blond woman in a purple t-shirt inviting you to join the course titled Indentifying your key massages

Identifying Your Key Messages


Create effective marketing content that converts and resonates with your audience.

Portrait of a smiling blond woman in a purple t-shirt inviting you to join the course titled  Camera Confidence

Camera Confidence


You will learn to speak confidently on camera, exude poise, and connect with your audience.

Portrait of a smiling blond woman in a purple t-shirt inviting you to join the course titled Social Selling

Social Selling


Understand customer behavior and promote your business online with confidence.

Rock Your Online Presence Mini-Course Bundle £97:00

Online Training Bundle

Discover how to enhance your business and ‘Rock Your Online Presence’ with three mini-courses and save £14. You’ll receive expert guidance on writing compelling content that resonates with your target audience, speaking confidently and clearly on camera, and promoting yourself and your products or services on social media. Gain the skills to feel confident when selling online and take your business to the next level.

You will have access to each course for a year, after which you will need to renew each course individually to continue accessing it.


Jump Start Your Business 25th June 2024

Invest a day in our “Jump Start Your Business” clarity workshops and gain valuable insights into strategy, camera confidence, goal mapping, and marketing content. This workshop is designed to improve your business skills, communication, and confidence, ultimately leading to success.


Tailored For You!

Enhance your and your team’s online presence with customised webinars covering public speaking, camera confidence, content creation, social media marketing and social selling. Email me to discuss your requirements.

“Kirsty has a wealth of knowledge in regards to all things SEO, websites, marketing, working on camera, video, social media and all the bits in between”

Darren Evans – After Cloud
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