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Online Training: Identifying Your Key Messages

Identifying Your Key Messages Online Workshop £37.00

The “Identifying Your Key Message” online mini-workshop is designed to help you connect with your target audience and improve your communication skills. The course consists of ten self-paced modules that will help you understand your business, create key messages for SEO, and generate leads by creating compelling content.

By taking this course, you’ll gain valuable insights into your customers’ perspectives and learn how to communicate more effectively with them. Start unlocking your full potential today!

Please note that the course will be available for one year, after which you will need to renew your subscription to continue accessing the content.

Identifying Your Key Messages Course

  • What you do (3.00 mins)
  • Understand your customer (3.00 mins)
  • Custmer Motications (3.07 mins)
  • What makes you Unique (2.56 mins)
  • How you serve (3.00 mins)
  • The difference you make (3.00 mins)
  • Your customers feelings (2.39mins)
  • Your Content (5.00 mins)
  • Connecting and Converting Content (6.18mins)
  • Make your content Rock (4.00mins)

Following these steps, you know what to say and how to say it.

Key messages encapsulate a brand’s core values and benefits and are pivotal in search engine optimisation (SEO).

White women, in her 20's with post-it notes on a glass window working through her key messages, she is wearing a stripped top
Image of listing, key messages, HTML. Keywords, Blogging all related to improving SEO, with a pair of white hands typing on a laptop
The business owner, male, 50, is on the phone in front of the laptop, relaxed and happy; he is wearing glasses.

Rock Your Online Presence Mini-Course Bundle £97.00

Online Training Bundle

Discover how to enhance your business and ‘Rock Your Online Presence’ with three mini-courses and save £14. You’ll receive expert guidance on writing compelling content that resonates with your target audience, speaking confidently and clearly on camera, and promoting yourself and your products or services on social media. Gain the skills to feel confident when selling online and take your business to the next level.

“Identyfying Your key Messages Course is B***dy Brilliant!”

Joanne Baker – Emerald Training and People Development
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