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Online Training: Camera Confidence Mini Course

Camera Confidence: Learn, Shine, Excel £47.00

The Camera Confidence course is designed to help you become more confident when speaking and presenting on camera.

The course consists of seven self-paced modules that will equip you with techniques to overcome your fears, build confidence, and help you shine on screen.

In this course, you’ll learn the difference between public speaking and presenting on camera, how to improve your message and delivery, the art of storytelling, and the necessary technology for your online presence.

By the end of the course, you’ll be presenting like a pro!

Boost your on-camera presence and communication skills with this self-paced course. Start today to unlock your full potential!

You will be able to access each course for one year. After that, you will need to renew your subscription to continue accessing the content.

Seven Steps to Camera Confidence

  • Why Video: Examine video’s role in marketing (1.44 mins)
  • Warm-Up: On-camera presentation exercises (3.20 mins)
  • Nerves: Overcoming public speaking anxiety (4.10 mins)
  • Positivity: Positive mindset and positive words (2.37 mins)
  • Storytelling: How to tell a story on camera (4.22 mins)
  • Technology: Demystifying the technology (3.33 mins)
  • Camera Ready: Always be ready to go on camera (2.39mins)

Following these steps, you can be confident on camera.

You can pause on camera; it takes skill, practice and an understanding of your vocal patterns to do it well..

A male in his 30s is shooting a social media video advertising a coffee shop; he is wearing a grey t-shirt and green trousers; he is white and has red hair.
Women in 650s with grey hair, smiling, exuding camera confidence on a video call, wearing a blue shirt.
Young women vlogging confidently to camera, she is wearing a pink top and has long brown hair

Rock Your Online Presence Mini-Course Bundle £97:00

Online Training Bundle

Discover how to enhance your business and ‘Rock Your Online Presence’ with three mini-courses and save £14. You’ll receive expert guidance on writing compelling content that resonates with your target audience, speaking confidently and clearly on camera, and promoting yourself and your products or services on social media. Gain the skills to feel confident when selling online and take your business to the next level.

“A great investment in yourself and your business, Kirsty is very knowledgeable and uses her vast on-stage and on-camera experience. Highly recommended!”

Kate Skelton
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