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Podcast on a Budget: The Lessons I Learned

The lessons learned from launching The Wise Why Podcast on a budget will help you launch your own.

Have you wanted to start a podcast but thought it was too expensive? I felt the same way but launched The Wise Why podcast on a budget of just £250 and a glass of white wine for courage.

When I decided to launch The Wise Why podcast, I was eager to share stories of personal growth, business strategy, and wonky careers to inspire the audience to live their lives with purpose and passion.

I am fortunate to know how to be in the zone when speaking on camera; the OXLEP course I was on at the time was helping me to reconnect with my active listening skills, and I thought I was ready to go; I contacted Beth Kirk from Socially Oxford, and together we went live with the first episode on the 5th of November 2021,

Somewhere during the preparation time, I became aware the onus was on me to ensure my guest shone and that I did not take over the conversation, I started to hear my inner voice creep in, and my nerves started to rise. Facing my initial fear and taking long, deep breaths, I broke down each worry and started to own my presenter’s space.

I started with the office setup and the technology required to stream live. I was virtually Coaching On-Camera Confidence and Public Speaking from my home office.

I knew my office setup was good; the system I had designed was wire-free, I hated wearing earbuds or headphones, and I liked the freedom this gave me. I knew my lighting would be okay; there is a large window to the left of me, which floods my room with natural light, and I have a desk light where I can change the settings from warm to cool placed above my camera; I thought I was good to go.

Podcast Technology
Upgrading Technology

I did not want to invest a fortune in expensive technology in case the podcast was unsuccessful; I knew I wanted to create something that looked and sounded great; I was on a budget and knew I could update the technology later on. Researching the software, I settled on the free version of StreamYard. I like the simplicity, ease of use, and the way the audio synched. The web camera I purchased for virtual coaching sessions was capable of 1080P; it was good enough for live streaming.

As my office setup was wireless, I wanted to connect the ethernet cable to the router. A line was run along and across the landing under furniture to ensure I was hard-wired. | could not risk the wireless signal dropping out; I always recommend that you should be hardwired when streaming live.

Loving my audio conference system and hoping it would be good enough, I tested the audio with StreamYard; I was disappointed the audio sounded thin, and while it was an echo-canceling system, it was not good enough. Researching, I purchased the Blue Yeti with GAIN control for £99.

Continuing to play around with StreamYard, I decided to pay for the upgrade over the free plan; this offers more functionality, and I could see other ways to use the software in my business. I was under budget; I bought myself a new pink jumper that I still wear today on the show, taking the total to £250.

My work involves cutting and editing videos together; I had already paid for a lifetime subscription for Film Forth and Canva Pro, while I paid for both Film Forth and Canva Pro, both offer free option plans.

Using Film Forth, I cut short episode clips for promotion as reels on Instagram and Facebook, idea pins for Pinterest, and short videos on YouTube. Canva is one of the tools I use for creating my marketing content.

Since launching the podcast, I have been lucky and have not struggled with guests; people are willing to join me on the show. Each episode is unscripted and unrehearsed, and what you see live is the same as what you watch on catch-up. There is no additional editing, and the show is full of real people sharing real-life moments. There is something for everyone, and the conversations are empowering.

“Sometimes kind is perceived as weak but razor-sharp clarity is kindness.”

~ Dr Jenny Gordon

As I continued to book guests, I realized that building relationships with my guest and active listening is vital to The Wise Why podcast’s success. I always take time to get to know my guests and their stories, promoting them on my social media channels and websites. Doing this created a community of like-minded individuals who supported each other’s goals and ambitions.

The Wise Why podcast is about sharing real-life stories where the guests have pivoted, changed their wonky careers, been down on their luck, and battled with their mental health. Each episode is honest, full of empowering stories, and inspiring life journeys. The podcast has lifted and resonated with the audience on many occasions.

There is always a section in the show for live audience participation. It is crucial for the audience to feel they can comment on and be part of the show; I love how the comments will turn and take the show in a different direction, bringing new wisdom and insights from the guests. Another aspect of the podcast I love is when an audience member is brave, steps up, and joins me on the Wise Why podcast to share their inspirational stories.

Podcast Guests
Podcast on a Budget Lessons

Launching The Wise Why podcast on a budget taught me valuable lessons. It taught me to be resourceful and creative with my equipment and software and invest in the tools that would significantly impact the show. It also taught me to persist in reaching out to guests and building relationships with them, even though they are not well-known or famous.

The final takeaway from The Wise Why podcast must be that success is not just about the money you spend but the passion and purpose you bring to your work. By staying true to my mission of helping others discover and share their wisdom, I am honoured to have created a podcast that has touched many people’s lives.

I encourage you to do it if you’re considering starting a podcast on a budget. You do not need to spend large amounts on equipment and software. Instead, I would like you to focus on building relationships with your guests and creating valuable content that resonates with your audience. You can launch a successful podcast with persistence and creativity without breaking the bank.

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